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A girl's severed head is found underneath a motorway junction. Fake religious occultists, part of an artwork, are murdered by the real thing but they in turn are murdered by the demon they worship. And so opens a chain of events which would destroy the balance of negative and positive forces which keep the cosmos in existence. Ray a DI, Met Commander, Mi5 agent, junior PC, CIA operative and a professor of quantum physics have to achieve this with the guidance of Billy Taylor an expert in comparative religion. Involving Gnosticism, Kundalini yoga and the mysteries of medieval cathedrals.

So we somehow help lots of devils and save the world! - Ray said.

It begins with an illness amongst the Asian community in Birmingham and ends in the boy's books of truth. It concerns escaping from a computer simulation, eschatology - the science of last things, the Counter-Earth - Antichthon, travelling to other galaxies and 300 million or more years back in time. The Übermenschs, The Life Harvesters, the creation of designer universes, the end of science and the twelve who would destroy everything.

Agents brought back to life with the aid of Siberian Sharmans and life forms on Exoplanets. The rescue of the abducted children of the US president. A plot to start WW3, all foiled by Billy & Co. and the Giant Trojan Horse, Helen of Troy, a droid. Eris the god of discord, Alchemy and the purification of gold, Cosmic viruses and Hacks and pan-psychist metaphysics. The legendary swords of power, the infinite Hattori Hanzō swords. Beings from Higher realities. The battle of the elements, the battle on the Bifröst Bridge, and the Infinite War and Super Entropy.

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